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Gathered in a single quantity, listed below are backfires and mistakes that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and adjusted the process the realm. From the Maginot Line to the Cuban Missile drawback, historical past is full of undesirable strikes and not-so-bright rules that snowballed into mess ups and accidental outcomes. This engrossing ebook seems to be at 100 such tipping issues. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The Caliphs of Baghdad spend themselves out of business. The Aztecs greet the Conquistadors with open hands. Mexico invitations the american citizens to Texas-and the americans by no means depart. And the remaining is history...

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Each column was pressed from behind by the main Syracusan army and harassed from all sides. With only 6,000 men still alive, Demosthenes surrendered his column. Nicias had less than a thousand soldiers left when he too surrendered. After four years of bitter siege, the leaders of Syracuse were not feeling benevolent. Of the 7,000 survivors only a few hundred ever saw Athens again. Most were worked to death in Syracusan stone quarries. Athens paid a high price that it never recovered from by invading Sicily.

Observing this happen, Massinissa charged his larger cavalry force and infantry against the disorganized Numidian horsemen. The Numidians broke and ran almost immediately. Seeing this, the Roman horsemen on the other side of the battle charged as well. There was a violent melee and then the Carthaginian cavalry abandoned Hannibal’s right flank as well. The Carthaginian flanks were open to attack, but since both Roman forces followed the enemy horses off the field in pursuit, these flank victories did not determine the battle.

Instead he sent his Greek mercenary general, Memnon, to face the young upstart. Memnon chose the Granicus River as his battleground. When Alexander crossed the Granicus and defeated Memnon’s forces, Darius realized he was facing a man, a man who believed himself to be invincible. Alexander led his armies from the front, wearing plumes in his helm. There was no mistaking his identity. He made himself the target of all who would dare to fight him. Darius would not make the same mistake again. He gathered an army of 600,000 men and made his way toward Issus.

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