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Parla italiano? in precisely quarter-hour an afternoon you could communicate and comprehend Italian with self belief, with this innovative new procedure for studying a language. the original visible process makes studying speedy, effortless and enjoyable. No writing or homework - simply use the canopy to conceal the solutions and try your self as you study. Real-life examples conceal each vacation and enterprise state of affairs. Accompanying CD can assist you excellent your pronunciation. no matter if ranging from scratch or simply short of a refresher, there's no more straightforward solution to examine Italian - speedy.

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2 Useful phrases Learn these phrases and then test yourself. Fissiamo un appuntamento per domani? Shall we meet tomorrow? feesseeamoh oon appoontamentoh per domanee Con chi? With whom? kon kee kwandoh ay leeberoh/ah When are you free? Mi dispiace, sono impegnato/a. I’m sorry, I’m busy. Quando è libero/a? mee deespeeachay, sonoh eempennyatoh/ah la stretta di mano lah strettah dee manoh handshake Va bene giovedì? vah benay jovedee Per me va bene. per may vah benay How about Thursday? That’s good for me.

Non ay lontanoh Può dirmi quando devo scendere? Yes. It’s not very far. pwoh deermee kwandoh devoh shenderay Do you go to the museum? Can you tell me when to get off? 44 WEEK 4 1 Warm up How do you say “I have…”? 40–1) In auto On the road Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Italian rules of the road before driving in Italy. Italian autostrade (expressways) are fast but expensive toll (il pedaggio) roads. You usually take a ticket as you enter the expressway and pay according to the distance traveled as you leave it.

Io) vado I go (eeoh) vadoh (tu) vai (too) vaee (Lei) va (lay) vah (lui/lei) va you go (informal singular) you go (formal singular) he/she/it goes (looee/lay) vah (noi) andiamo we go (noy) andeeamoh (voi) andate you go (plural) (voy) andatay (loro) vanno they go (loroh) vannoh Dove va, signora? dovay vah, seennyorah Vorrei andare in treno. vorray andaray een trenoh Where are you going, madam? I’d like to go by train. Vado a Pisa. vadoh ah peesah I am going to Pisa. Conversational tip In Italian the present tense includes a sense of continuous action.

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