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By Frankie Rubinstein

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'...Rubinstein is much from blameless and is derived to our reduction with loads of learning...and is sort of correct to induce that to not have fun with the sexiness of Shakespeare's language impoverishes our personal figuring out of him. For something, it used to be a robust point in his entice Elizabethans, who have been less woolly-mouthed and smooth-tongued than we're. for an additional, it has constituted a salty preservative for his paintings, between those that can relish it...an enlightening book.' A.L.Rowse, The Standard

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See AN/ ANNE. 17: 'fits all buttocks ... or any buttock'. 65. Speaking of women, the Frenchman, to whom con is a woman's cunt (Cot), says, ' 'twas a contention ... contradiction ... country mistresses ... constant-qualified and less attemptable than any the rarest of our ladies in France'. Each man claims his own mistress is more chaste than any / line other ass or rear in France - any the rarest (RARE/ rear) of French ladies. ' The butt: a cask of wine and a buttock. Whole: hole or pudendum (K; P); hole or anus (TWR).

Banditti' seek the gold, some 'ort of his remainder', from the cave of the 'melancholy' (MELANCHOLY, a bowel disorder) Timon. It is 'noised' (NOISE, fart) he hid it, so they make 'assay' (italics added). Timon says the earth feeds on 'general [GENERAL, a whore's] excrement', so why shouldn't they; and he gives them his GOLD (excrement). See PERFECTION, TGV; GRIEF, Rl; TUTOR, 2H4; CRAFTY, Cym. 1. The arse. Bane: a seat (Cot). 65: 'thrice from the banks of Wye/ And sandy-bottom'd Severn have I sent him/ Bootless home and weather-beaten back' (italics added).

Assail(ant) (1) Assail sexually (P). (2) Asseler: go to stool, evacuate anally (Cot). 65: King Henry. My lords, look where the sturdy rebel sits, Even in the chair of state: belike he means, Back'd by the power of Warwick ... To aspire unto the crown .... Clifford. .. He durst not sit there .... Let us assail the family of York. Anal puns denigrate the sturdy (only here in Sh; prob. a pun on this- turdy rebel, who sits in a 'chair of state' or a stool (OED; W; see STATE), which also means a seat for evacuating the bowels.

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