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By Emma Marriott

The heritage of our international should be informed via numbers. Numbers can light up the large sweep of heritage, from sizeable events of populations and the growth of empires to the results of technological achievements or climatic switch. additionally they let us drill into the true aspect of background, from the web page count number, the associated fee and the time it took to provide the Gutenberg Bible (the West's first heavily produced publication) to the cost of Virginian tobacco within the 1620s, either one of which had a right away and lasting influence at the process international history.

And, simply sometimes, numbers have the ability to blow our minds. for instance: in 2003 US study confirmed that one in each two hundred males residing on this planet this present day stocks genetic fabric from a unmarried male from round 900 years in the past; the most likely progenitor was once Mongol emperor, Genghis Khan.

A heritage of the realm in Numbers will span the early civilizations of guy, from the plains of Mesopotamia and the Indus Empire, all the way through to the fashionable day. The numbers, data and figures will dictate the subject of every access, shining a gentle on every one topic, even if it's the improvement of early writing in China or the variety of Brodie helmets issued in global warfare One.

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We also do not know whether it had of Nineveh by llusumo (whose connection with that city is been originally dedicated to lstor unknown; it was to all appearances independent of Assur during the Old Assyrian period) or had arrived there as booty, perhaps even from Assur. In the second place there are a few Old Assyrian texts discovered in Nuzi, which in our period must have been called Gasur,IOO five of which were published in 1935 and discussed in Lewy 1938, while a sixth one, a letter, was edited in Owen 1995.

See for its provenience, Ozquc 1993a, 170 and 173. Explaining its presence in a temple from a concern for security (a safe deposit for a title deed) is difficult, since the buyer, Lagan(i), is not a priest, and if this custom existed one should have found many more tablets there. The second tablet from the temple (kt h/t 331) is a letter addressed to the Assyrian Iddin-Abum. Note that the tablet with seal impressions shown in Ozquc 1993a, pl. 4-5, is not one of the tablets found in this temple, but kt n/k 31 (ef.

158 But a house excavated in 2001 yielded ca. g. , and to his recent volume KiJltepe. Kanis/Nesa, published in 2003 by 156 theN\iddle Eastern Culture Centrein Japan. ca 2001 also provides manywelcome data, Ozguc; 19500, 19530, 1959, 19860, 2003, and Ozquc-Tunco 2001. 157 The archive of the trader Elamma, which I have been invited to publish, was excavated in 1991 and the beginning of 1992. The texts excavated in 1989, studied by Y. Kawasaki, belong to three different archives. 158 See for a list of tabletsfound until 1996, N, OzguC; 1968, 24, The archaeological context of these tablets is discussed in Ozguc; 1986, 18-21, and four houses that yielded bigger lots are described in Ozquc 2004, He does notdiscuss theLevellbtablets of thekt n/k group(of 1962), theseal impressions of which were published and discussed in N.

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