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By David Fromkin

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The seriously acclaimed New York Times bestselling account of the way the fashionable heart East got here into being after global conflict I, and why it really is in upheaval today

In our time the center East has confirmed a battleground of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and dynasties. All of those conflicts, together with the hostilities among Arabs and Israelis that experience flared over again, come down, in a feeling, to the level to which the center East will proceed to dwell with its political inheritance: the preparations, unities, and divisions imposed upon the area by way of the Allies after the 1st international War.

In A Peace to finish All Peace, David Fromkin finds how and why the Allies got here to remake the geography and politics of the center East, drawing strains on an empty map that at last turned the recent nations of Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. targeting the early life of 1914 to 1922, while all-even an alliance among Arab nationalism and Zionism-seemed attainable he increases questions on what could have been performed otherwise, and solutions questions about why issues have been performed as they have been. the present conflict for a Palestinian place of origin has its roots in those occasions of eighty five years ago.

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It could have been anticipated that the settlement of 1907 would arouse fears in Constantinople that Britain would no longer protect 32 AT THE CROSSROADS OF HISTORY T u r k e y against R u s s i a . A P a l m e r s t o n or a S t r a t f o r d C a n n i n g might have allayed such fears, but neither S i r E d w a r d G r e y nor his a m b a s s a d o r in C o n s t a n t i n o p l e took the trouble to do s o . VI T h e r e was an intellectual time lag between L o n d o n and the o u t p o s t s of e m p i r e .

T h e British government never learned that Lowther and FitzMaurice had s u p p l i e d it with a w a r p e d view of O t t o m a n politics. J o h n B u c h a n , who b e c a m e w a r t i m e D i r e c t o r of Information for the British g o v e r n m e n t , d e s c r i b e d the C . U . P . leaders as "a collection of J e w s a n d g i p s i e s , " p i c t u r e d the O t t o m a n g o v e r n m e n t as the tool of world J e w r y , a n d called E n v e r P a s h a "a Polish a d v e n t u r e r " — c o n f u s i n g him with another T u r k i s h officer whose n a m e was similar a n d whose father was Polish t h o u g h not J e w i s h .

He THE MIDDLE EAST BEFORE THE WAR 39 m a d e a s u c c e s s of his challenging a s s i g n m e n t , a n d won popularity with the T u r k s . D e e d e s was an unknown figure when he entered the G e n d a r m e r i e in 1910. F o u r years later he had achieved s u c h high s t a n d i n g that he was co-opted by the leading figure in the new O t t o m a n g o v e r n m e n t to help run the Ministry of the Interior. By the time of his thirty-first birthday in 1914, D e e d e s , who had learned to speak T u r k i s h fluently, was one of the few E n g l i s h m e n who u n d e r s t o o d T u r k i s h affairs.

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