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From a typological point of view, it is most unusual that Satawalese seems to have /g/, but not /d/, nor /b/. Phonemic systems with voiceless /p/, /t/, and /k/ but only one voiced counterpart (/g/) are asymetrical and uncommon. 3 Fricatives Fricatives are sounds made when two articulators are close to one another, producing audible friction as air flows through the vocal tract. Satawalese has two of these. 4 Affricate An affricate begins the articulation as a stop, and as it is released, it causes a turbulent noisy airflow.

Post-alveolar! "#$ ‘neat, tidy’ I could not find a minimal pair for this sound with /s/. 5 Nasals Nasal consonant sounds are produced with the soft palate lowered to allow an audible escape of air through the nose (Crystal 2003, 307). /0 is an allophone of /n/, since either can be used in a word with no change in meaning, a phenomenon known as free variation (Jackson 1983, 163). In a personal communication with Jackson, Hiroshi Sugita suggested the variation was a result of the influence of the surrounding languages that have /l/ in their phoneme inventories.

When Father William Walter was made pastor of the outer islands of Yap about 1940, he catechized Lamotrek and Satawal almost immediately. I don’t know what writings he would have brought them since there was almost nothing in their language at the time. My guess is that the Chuukese bible might well have come to Satawal about 1960 or so. That, and some of the devotional literature night have been the first Christian writings that made their way to the island. ” Hezel’s observations are consistent with Joseph Tiucheimal’s recollection that he was first taught how to write Satawalese in the 1960’s as a child.

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