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By Louise McNally, Christopher Kennedy

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During this quantity prime researchers current new paintings at the semantics and pragmatics of adjectives and adverbs, and their interfaces with syntax. Its matters comprise the semantics of gradability; the connection among adjectival scales and verbal point; the connection among which means and the positions of adjectives and adverbs in nominal and verbal projections; and the fine-grained semantics of alternative subclasses of adverbs and adverbs. Its ambitions are to supply a entire imaginative and prescient of the linguistically major structural and interpretive homes of adjectives and adverbs, to spotlight the similarities among those different types, and to sign the significance of a cautious and distinctive integration of lexical and compositional semantics. The editors open the booklet with an outline of present examine earlier than introducing and contextualizing the rest chapters. The paintings is geared toward students and complex scholars of syntax, semantics, formal pragmatics, and discourse. it's going to additionally entice researchers in philosophy, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition attracted to the syntax and semantics of adjectives and adverbs.

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If that is the case, then there cannot be more than one modifier per functional head in the DP (as suggested by Cinque 1994). This would mean that the possibilities for attachment reduce as more adjectives are added. For 40 Adjective position in the decomposition of DP example, perhaps big can in principle attach to sortP, but if some other adjective is attached there, then big, if introduced, must attach either above or below. (50) KiP DegP Deg Ki AP big SORTP Ki DegP Deg SORT AP expensive nP SORT AP silicon n n √ P AP √ nervous system This would produce rather constrained orders while, I believe, permitting a great deal of the actually observed variation.

I will return to the question of the relative order of adjectives and plural markers, but for now will assume that adjectives are ordinarily below the plural. This gives a preliminary hierarchy as follows: (18) Dem > Art > Num > Pl > Adj > N The categories which I have assumed are phrasal are interleaved with the categories which I have assumed are heads. 7 6 Brugè (2002) argues that demonstratives originate low and move to SpecDP. However, this is hard to reconcile with Greenberg’s Universal 20.

3 Classifiers Many languages have head-like elements in the DP which are called “classifiers” (cf. Aikhenvald 2000 for an overview). These show a range of uses, from determiner-like (cf. Cheng and Sybesma 1999 on Chinese) to being involved in enumeration, quantification, or division of masses (Borer 2005a) and other functions. 1 Classifiers often serve two or more of these functions simultaneously and are often furthermore in complementary distribution with determiners or plural markers, making general statements about relative order difficult, but some generalizations emerge.

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