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By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

ISBN-10: 0897500210

ISBN-13: 9780897500210

Written through Fumio Demura, one of many world's prime professionals on jap guns, this consultant to complex nunchaku covers adaptations of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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8. Tenkai kote hineri Shiho nage Gedan ate Hiji kime Tachi waza (Standing techniques) 9. 10. 11. 12. Kote mawashi Uchi tenkai nage Gyaku gamae ate Hijime kime 13. Mae otoshi 14. Ushiro waza mae otoshi 15. Ushiro waza tenkai kote hineri 16. Mune tori kata gatame All techniques will be demonstrated to the right. However, the examiner may ask for the demonstration of any technique on the left, either singly or in combination. Demonstration of any weapons kata from any other martial art. The Examiner may ask for demonstration of any technique he thinks fit to assist in grading 38 GRADING EXAMINATIONS All gradings are to be of a national standard.

Any attempt to influence will result in the automatic failing of participant. Only the first demonstration will receive a mark. If, in his judgement, the attitude of the entrant is such as to cause concern, then this will override any standard obtained with regard to the physical demonstration and a ‘fail’ will be given. To assist you to understand how the marking of a grading occurs, the following is the examiners guide which will be strictly adhered to. Every technique will be marked with points out of 10 (with the grade being attempted dictating the maximum points that can be allotted) Entrants attempting:5th Kyu 4th Kyu 3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu 1st Dan 2nd Dan and above Max 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 50% 60% 66% 71% 75% 77% 90% 39 Min = = = = = = = Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Marks will be given on the following system:Approach Definition of technique Posture during technique Posture after technique Would the technique have worked?

Nails will be cut short and no jewellery will be worn. 4. Officials (a) A referee who will conduct the contest from within the area. (b) Two judges who will be positioned outside the area. Each judge will have a red and a white flag. (c) One Timekeeper who will keep time and signal at the end of each minute. (d) One recorder who will keep a visible record of all scores signalled by the referee. (e) An arbitrator who will be seated outside the area. He/she will assist if the other officials cannot agree on a decision.

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