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Only the uppermost part of the cobble terrace was mined, and the pits and trenches are characterized by a very irregular planimetry, with many tentacles and bulges. They have vertical walls with only minor undercutting, and their widths vary from about i m. to nearly 2 m. Since the chert cobble deposit was not consolidated, only simple extraction tools were required. Depressions in the trenches were often used as workshops for the fabrication of Levallois products. Extraction was very extensive and, in the region of Qena, affected areas covered many square kilometres.

The Tarifian culture is known from a small site at el-Tarif, in the Theban necropolis, and from another one in the neighbourhood of Armant. It is a ceramic phase of a local Epipalaeolithic culture, which, however, remains unknown. It shows no connection with the later Naqada culture, and its relation with the Badarian culture is also unclear, although apparently the lithic industries show no close links. The Tarifian is characterized by a flake industry, with, on the one hand, a small microlithic component referring to the Epipalaeolithic and on the other hand some bifacial pieces announcing Neolithic technology.

Predominant tools are end-scrapers, perforators, and retouched pieces. Bifacial tools consist mainly of axes, bifacial sickles, and concave-base arrowheads. It should also be noted that the characteristic side-blow flakes were also present in the Western Desert. Other products of the Badarian culture include such personal items as hairpins, combs, bracelets, and beads in bone and ivory. The repertoire of greywacke cosmetic palettes was at this date limited to long rectangular or oval shapes, but they would later become very characteristic aspects of the Naqada culture, when they were produced in a great variety of shapes.

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