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By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

ISBN-10: 1556431511

ISBN-13: 9781556431517

Clash is an unavoidable point of residing. The overdue well known aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash answer. "Attack-tics" is a procedure of clash answer according to the rules of aikido, the non-violent martial paintings Morihei Ueshiba created after global warfare II. no longer all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.

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But even so, what is there to fight about? Either Bill writes long memos or he doesn't, and if he does, can he convince anyone that his writing is brief? Whom does he want to convince, anyway? In short, Bill has forgotten to ask himself one of the most important questions in Chapter I: Is this a win/lose situation? The answer, of course, is no. Jack has made a statement. No matter how mean-spirited Jack may be, there is no contest here, and Bill would be far better offjust tucking the information away for thought and future reference.

You can't tell somebody he was never good in bed and then expect things to go back to the way they used to be between you. The wound will remain (especially if it's true). Instead of standing with one foot on the carcass of your opponent-as we've been taught to do by our society-you must work very hard to find a way in which both combatants "win," a way in which both feel good about themselves. The best "victory" is the one in which everyone wins. The way to Your Conflict Options 47 achieve that combined "win" is to focus on the problem at all points along the way.

Stand comfortably. Keep your posture consistent with your approach. Your Conflict Options 49 Finally, what is your spatial relationship to your opponent? Few of us are aware of the concept of our personal space. We live in our space, walk in it, sit in it, and converse in it, but we're rarely conscious of it until someone comes into it uninvited. Think of what it feels like to talk to somebody who talks right into your face. What if you keep backing up and he keeps coming forward? Observe your space and begin to sense the space of others -especially when you are engaged in conflict.

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