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The saying by Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido, “Aikido is based on irimi-atemi” shows accordingly that Tori has the opportunity to be able to strike Uke effectively already in the first action. 4 tenkan The opposite to the direct irimi movement is tenkan. In the tenkan movement, the leading foot is used to pivot the body round 180° to the rear. Tori’s front foot is also further forward after the movement. 2). The rear foot does not go round in a semicircle when turning. The upper body remains straight and does not oscillate throughout the whole movement.

As in all the techniques, it can be executed in front of (omote) or behind (ura) Uke. shomen uchi ikkyo omote waza First of all, the omote version: The starting position is such that Uke has to move forwards to reach Tori. 2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 62 AIKIDO – THE BASICS To do this, Uke attacks using a shomen uchi (straight strike downwards at the head – see Page 279). He takes his rear hand up over his head and places the rear knee up forwards. At the same time, Tori places his forward knee forwards to one side and prepares himself to get out of the line of Uke’s attack.

The premises of “Aikido – The Basics” are oriented on the worldwide mainstream of Aikido. The mainstream is as found in its institutionally historic form under the worldwide umbrella foundation aiki-kai and is along the lines of the creator of Aikido – o-sensei Morihei Ueshiba. • Aikido is a martial art and is based on the logical form of the martial arts. , the result of the actions does not count (‘jutsu’). It is rather more to do with the way the result was achieved (‘do’). • The primary aim is not the application of the Aikido techniques in ‘realistic’ situations, however, within the sense of a martial art, it is the real functionality of the Aikido techniques that is taken into account.

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