Albatros Fighters in action by John F. Connors PDF

By John F. Connors

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Here a fully armoured foot soldier has a brimmed chapel-de-fer with an eye slit cut into the front of the brim. His armour consists of a breast-plate, plate arm defences, tassets for his thighs and greaves for his legs. This appears to be worn over a mail hauberk and perhaps mail chausses. His weapon is a massive halberd with a cutting blade, thrusting point and hook. See Plate F3. {in situ local church, Rimito, Finland) which the rope of a small spanning pulley is attached. The pulley has an 8-shaped iron ring at the end, which would be placed over the iron 'plug' at the butt end of the crossbow stock; running along the rawhide rope is a simple iron pulley with a substantial iron hook.

On the other hand he does have a padded mail colliere beneath the cuirass, closed at the throat by short buckled straps. The breast- and back-plates have buckled straps at the sides; note a raised iron bar riveted to the upper chest, to stop a lance point sliding up into the wearer's throat, and two holes in the right breast where a lance-rest could be attached. The long, brightly coloured, decorative scalloped 'fringes' emerging from the arm holes of the cuirass may come from another otherwise unseen padded jupon or an early form of arming doublet.

A narrow, loosefitting sword belt with gilded buckle and numerous gilded, enamelled decorative lozenges supports a blackened leather-covered wooden scabbard with a gilded chape, hung by means of rings set on two off-set gilded bands. The sword is a long-bladed, long-hilted 'hand-and-a-half weapon with Wall painting showing Bengt Jonsson made in 1437. Here the Scandinavian nobleman wears full plate armour and a mail hauberk, though he lacks his helmet. Although the drawing is simple in its execution, the armour seems to be in German style; most of the best armour used in Scandinavia was in fact imported from Germany, though simpler or lower quality items were also manufactured locally.

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