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By Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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In 1993, after a dramatic alien craft sighting, skeptical hypnotherapist, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, undertook the channeling test that resulted, after years of committed paintings, in what's referred to as the Cassiopaean Transmissions. the nearest analogy to the view of truth offered by means of the Cassiopaeans is graphically explicated within the motion picture, The Matrix, in which our fact is gifted as a working laptop or computer program/dream that "stores" people in "pods" in order that they are batteries generating power for a few colossal computing device dominating the realm. the adaptation among the metaphor of The Matrix and the view of the Cassiopaeans is they suggest a theoretical para-physical realm as one other layer within the constitution of space-time from which our personal truth is projected, looping again and again in unending adaptations. you'll say that the hyperdimensional geographical regions are the "future" in a really genuine experience. This para-physical truth of hyperdimensional house - the world of the Matrix programmers - in line with the Cassiopaeans, is inhabited via beings of either confident and adverse polarity who've "graduated" from our truth yet now not inevitably within the feel of "dying" and going to a strictly airy realm, yet quite that it really is, successfully, an international of the long run that creates our current by way of projecting itself into the earlier. what's very important to gain is if we predict concerning the destiny by way of possible futures, or branching universes, then what we do now, even if we get up from the Matrix, determines what sort of destiny we event, separately and jointly. The Cassiopaeans taught Laura and her neighbors approximately this Matrix fact, assisting them to return to grips with, know how it operated, after which, to take the required steps to turn into loose. In different phrases, the Cassiopaeans supplied the "Red capsule" for awakening. This publication is a dramatic new addition to the style of mystical autobiographies.

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In similar situations, millions have died. In later years, only one could be saved: the child or the mother. To give life to the infant, the mother must be butchered; to save the mother, the baby must be decapitated, the body 38 LAURA KNIGHT JADCZYK removed in pieces with a meat hook. That is really no choice at all. Yet the doctor presented it to my grandfather. And he chose. The dead baby had weighed 15 pounds. Even though she was given anesthesia, Grandma knew enough of nursing to know what had been done.

But, being a good girl, I wasn’t going to say so. Let’s get the nap over! When she returned with the bottle, I took it rather awkwardly and stuck it in my mouth while she watched me anxiously. I figured she was just trying to be nice, so I dutifully began to suck on the bottle, feeling extremely embarrassed to be doing something so babyish. And that’s the last thing I remember until... I am in the car with Cedric and we are going very fast 59 AMAZING GRACE down a road with red flashing lights of a police car behind us.

They were so sure they were going to find me there, and didn’t want my mother present when they brought up the body, that one of the neighbors took her into the house to wait with her there. Mother went to my room, where she was going to sit wringing her hands and waiting. And there I was, asleep on the bed exactly as she had left me some hours before. What do I remember? I remember only being drawn outside to a field of tall grass behind the house. At the back of this field was a grove of trees.

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